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The Sweetwater Academy offers multiple programs aimed at taking your new skills to the next level. From Rock Camp and Drum Camp to Build-a-Band, you can learn everything from how to write and record your own songs to what it is to wow a crowd. We also offer master classes aimed at specific instruments for more advanced musicians. If you love the idea of learning as a team, you’ll definitely want to check out one of these fantastic opportunities.


Saturdays 9AM or 10AM
Wednesdays 10AM
Four fun-filled classes for only $60! Ages 0-3.

Explore the magical world of music together with your little one, and join us for Tiny Musicians classes at Sweetwater! There will be nursery rhymes and songs, rhythm and movement exercises, simple and fun instruments, and plenty of ways to experience the joy of play!


Saturdays 11AM or 12PM
Four fun-filled classes for only $60! Ages 4-5.

Help spark a lifelong love of the magic of music for your little one with four once-weekly learning sessions. Each staff-supervised experience provides fun, hands-on discovery with age appropriate instruments, songs, and movement sure to delight your child.


$25 Weekly | Your first session is FREE.

Build-a-Band is a program to help you meet and make music with local musicians like you. Get matched up with bandmates of similar age and music style, jam together for one hour per week in our fully stocked practice room, work closely with an experienced coach, and get ready to rock!


Summer 2024 $449

Rock Camp is a thrilling, five-day crash course in rock ‘n’ roll for aspiring musicians ages 12-18. You’ll form a band, write your own song together, and record it in Sweetwater’s world-class recording studios. Best of all, your band will end the week performing onstage in front of a live audience.