Sweetwater Rock Camp '20 - Summer's loudest kids' music camp.

This summer, learn some real camp songs.

What is it?!

01. What is it?!

Why just get out of the house – when you can bring the house down?

  • Meet musicians + build a band
  • Write & produce an original song
  • Record in a professional studio
  • Perform in a state-of-the-art venue

Welcome to Sweetwater Rock Camp!

Sweetwater Rock Camp is a thrilling,     five-day crash course in rock 'n' roll for aspiring musicians from 12-18 years old.

Under the guidance of professional, performing musicians, you'll form a band, write your own song together, and record it in Sweetwater's world-class recording studios. Best of all, your band will end the week performing on stage in Sweetwater's state-of-the-art Performance Theatre.

But Rock Camp isn't just about "dimeing the amps" and letting it rip. You'll learn how to market your music, promote your band through social media, and take your first steps toward landing your first gig.

Who's this for?

02. Who can go?

Are you 12-18 years old? Are you beyond the beginner stage of your musical career? Can you confidently tackle basic exercises and even play a song or two? Do you love music and want to meet other talented musicians your age? You're in. Still not sure if you're ready? Check here

Free swag?

03.Free swag...­say wut??!

We're not kidding! Rock Camp t-shirts, your own copy of your band's finished song, plus lanyards, stickers, posters, and more! It's all part of the Sweetwater Rock Camp experience.

Collared shirts required.
Co$t to rock?

04.What's it co$t?

$449 Dollars!

A week of Sweetwater Rock Camp and all the cool stuff that comes with it is only $449 per person!

When is it?

05.Where & When?

Sweetwater Rock Camp takes place Monday thru Friday, 10AM – 4PM, at the amazing Sweetwater Campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. All you need to do is pick the week that works for you. (Also, Friday there is a free concert open to the public starting at 6:30pm.)

Choose your week to rock!

  • Week 1: June 8-12
  • Week 2: June 15-19
  • Week 3: July 6-10
  • Week 4: July 13-17
  • Week 5: July 20-24
  • Week 6: July 27-31

Register Now!

Whad'ya waiting for?!


Are you ready to rock?!

All you need to do is email us or register here* to save your spot. You can also call us at (260) 407-3833 to sign-up or learn more.

*Payment due at time of registration. Not valid with any other offer.

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Get ready to rock!