From early on, creating a music academy at Sweetwater was a passion of our founder and CEO, Chuck Surack. He wanted a place where students of all ages and playing styles could come to learn or perfect their craft, while investing in the diverse arts scene of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In its formative years, the Academy started with a small group of teachers, offering instruction on a handful of instruments. But thanks to their teaching excellence, convenient on-site amenities, and an ever-increasing number of passionate, local musicians, the Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology has grown beyond our wildest imagination.

When you arrive at the Academy today, you’ll find the finest music educators teaching lessons in everything from guitar and piano to band and orchestra instruments, digital recording, DJing, live sound, and beyond. You’ll also have a chance to participate in our popular music programs, such as Rock Camp, Drum Camp, and Build-a-Band. What began as a dream to open an on-site music school at Sweetwater has blossomed into a vibrant community of musicians across two different locations and a wide variety of musical disciplines. Through it all, the Sweetwater Academy of Music & Technology has remained committed to the arts and artists in our community.

While you're here, there's tons of fun to be had. Check out all that Sweetwater has to offer.

Music Store

Located at Sweetwater

The Sweetwater Music Store is Northeast Indiana's premier spot for music instruments, gear, and accessories. From our massive guitar galleries to our drum room to our fully loaded demo studios, we offer the most comprehensive selection of music equipment and quality instruments available. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the best gear for your needs and your budget.

Crescendo Club & Cafe

Located at Sweetwater

Open to all and equipped with the latest in espresso technology, plus the finest local ice cream, chocolate, and baked goods, the world-class Crescendo Cafe serves up a truly cosmopolitan coffeehouse experience. Stop by and enjoy all the tasty treats the Fort Wayne area has to offer.

Downbeat Diner

Located at Sweetwater

We're absolutely delighted to welcome you to our Downbeat Diner, where you'll find restaurant-quality food at cafeteria prices. Fresh ingredients and whole foods are just part of Sweetwater's commitment to healthy living. Our friendly and professional staff prepares everything we serve from scratch from 6 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

Wavelengths Salon+Spa

Located at Sweetwater

Wavelengths is a registered Aveda Concept Salon located right here on the Sweetwater campus. It offers a complete list of services from haircuts and manicures to massage therapy and more for the convenience of our employees, but it's also open to the public by appointment.

Arcade & Game Area

Located at Sweetwater

Got a few minutes before your lesson at the Academy or a clinic in the Performance Theatre? Meeting the family for lunch? Why not play a game or two in Sweetwater's family-friendly arcade and game area? Here you can join in a game of pool or a round of virtual golf or try your hand at one of the various classic arcade games — it's all free!

Gear Exchange

Located at Sweetwater

Turn your old gear into cash or credit toward the music gear and instruments you really want. Just chat with one of our Gear Exchange experts, and they'll be happy to help you sell your gear on consignment or trade it in on the spot for in-store credit you can use in our Music Store.