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Build a Band

About Build-a-Band

Build-a-Band is a program to help you meet and make music with local musicians like you. Get matched up with bandmates of similar age and music style, jam together for one hour per week in our fully stocked practice room, work closely with an experienced coach, and get ready to rock!

Your first session is FREE.

  • Meet your new bandmates
  • Jam together
  • If it’s a good fit, make a plan to play together next week


One hour-long session per week

When you sign up for Build-a-Band, you’ll learn what it takes to become a professional gigging musician, collaborate with your bandmates, play live at C2G Music Hall’s Rock Night, and open doors to book paying gigs all over town!

Want to be in a band?


You can also stop by the Sweetwater Academy front desk or give us a call.
We’d love to help you build your new band!