Our Approach

Music means so many different things to different people. And we all have our own individual ways that we like to learn. That is why Sweetwater Academy of Music & Technology believes in teaching you what you want to learn. Single teaching systems and a rigid methodology just won’t work for the incredibly diverse array of musicians and students we serve. We make sure that when you take a lesson with us, you’re taught in a manner that works best for you.


Not only are we proud to offer a huge team of instructors that boasts outstanding musical talent and experience, but each is an expert in building and developing relationships with their students. You will feel comfortable and encouraged from the day you begin your musical journey with us.

Man and woman at piano


You’ll enjoy your time at the Sweetwater Academy of Music & Technology so much, you may forget that we are the nation’s largest online music retailer as well. For decades, Sweetwater has been leveraging our expertise in all things music to grow trusting relationships with musicians all over the world. We are committed to maintaining that expertise and level of trust within all aspects of our company. And you’ll experience it with every lesson you take.

Man playing guitar
Man addressing crowd

I picked up an instrument and in less than a month was in front of an audience.

Zara McCord (Bass Student)
Young man at drum kit

Performance Opportunities

Learning a musical skill is great. But there’s nothing like the thrill and fulfillment of live performance with other like-minded musicians! The Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology offers a variety of performance opportunities, including open mic nights, jazz and acoustic jams, drum circles, and recitals. We also have regular opportunities for you to take your music to the people and work the stages of the area’s most popular music venues.

Man helping young man with guitar

The instructors are kind and encouraging. My children love taking lessons. They love to play different styles of music that push them to improve, AND they really enjoy learning how to write their own music! Truly a blessing to have such a great organization in Fort Wayne.

Theresa Murden-Myers (via Facebook)
Young woman playing guitar

Camps and Programs

The Sweetwater Academy offers multiple programs aimed at taking your new skills to the next level. From Rock Camp and Drum Camp to Build-a-Band, you can learn everything from how to write and record your own songs to what it is to wow a crowd. We also offer master classes aimed at specific instruments for more advanced musicians. If you love the idea of learning as a team, you’ll definitely want to check out one of these fantastic opportunities.

Woman teaching piano
Students together


The Sweetwater Academy of Music & Technology offers 26 private, soundproof instruction rooms where students can learn and practice music, and the greater campus offers plenty to do before and after your lesson too. Dine, snack, or grab a coffee, play games in our free arcade, relax in our full-service salon, or take a ride down our world-famous indoor slide.

The Sweetwater Academy of Music has been a home away from home, not only to my three children, but to my entire family. The instructors are extremely talented and knowledgeable, and my kids absolutely adore them. As they continue to grow in their musical abilities, the Academy has had plenty of new and exciting challenges available to them. Weekly lessons, Rock Camp, Build-a-Band, Drum Camp, Recitals, and Open Mic Nights: they have enjoyed it all...and I have enjoyed being their number one fan in the audience.

Elizabeth Devecchi