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Orey Hamrick



What do you love about music?
That is a tough question. If I were to pick one thing though. It would be the experience of someone else showing me something I’ve never heard before. That moment can really be something special.

Who is your favorite artist?
This is always subject to change but currently I would have to pick Anthony Braxton.

What are your top 5 desert island albums?
The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady – Charles Mingus
Karma – Pharoah Sanders
Dortmund 1976 – Anthony Braxton Quartet
HANA-BI – Joe Hisaishi
Marvin Pontiac: the Asylum Tapes – Marvin Pontiac



Orey Hamrick has been playing drums since he was in second grade. After graduating high school, he became a drum instructor until 2018, when he began studying with lessons from Sweetwater’s Steve Smeltzer. Steve’s inspiration led Orey to change his trajectory and consider a serious teaching career. Today, he teaches drums at the University of Saint Francis. He works continually to become a better teacher and mentor for future musicians, just like those who have inspired him. Every lesson with Orey is a positive, motivating experience!