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Miguel Burney

Songwriting / Bass / Ukulele / Guitar


What do you love about music?

It's like a multiverse, there are so many ways to analyze music and many ways to observe a concept and each are unique to the individual musician.

What are your top 5 desert island albums?

Metropolis Pt.2 - Dream Theater
Give me the night - George Benson
Choose your weapon - Hiatus Kaiyote
Black Panther Album - Kendrick Lamar
Jazz Samba Encore - Stan Getz

Do you play in a band or currently perform?

I currently play in a new upcoming local band called Funk-Shui, we are a old and new school funk/fusion band


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Miguel has been a guitar teacher, performer & instructor for over 10 years. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN, he took guitar lessons from a local guitar instructor named Taras Fossett. Since then, he has performed all over the Midwest and East Coast. Miguel has directed music in churches, won solo awards in jazz competitions when attending South Side High School, taught guitar lessons to a variety of students with all levels and age ranges, locally and internationally. In his spare time he loves to compose piano pieces and study advanced music theory to further his musical understanding. His belief is that the more time you spend with music, the more you learn new things about it.

Miguel has a very diverse musical background ranging from fusion jazz, metal, shred guitar, R&B, blues and gospel music. Currently, he plays guitar at Summit Church on Sunday mornings. Despite having a passion for performing, Miguel's deepest passion is teaching music. For he believes that teaching leads to discovery and discovery is what leads to a musician's unique voice which is not only limited to the instrument that they play but how they perceive music. Miguel is always looking to push musical boundaries whether in his instrument, technique or concepts in theory. Miguel's goal is to help you find and fall in love with your musical voice and to take your passion for music to new uncharted levels.