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Eric Clancy



What do you love about music?

Music is it’s own language and it transcends speech as one of the most fundamental ways humans can relate and communicate.

Who is your favorite artist?

From Bach to Brubeck I’m a fan.

What are your top 5 desert island albums?

How to Survive on a Deserted Island (Prepare to Survive) - Tim O'Shei
Island in the Sun - Bob Marley
Island Records - U2
Island Girl - Elton John
Islands in the Sky - Spyro Gyra

Do you play in a band or currently perform?

Eric is currently the house Music Director at Club Soda and the full time Keyboard player in the Todd Harrold Band.


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Eric is a well-known musician in the Northeast Indiana region where he has played full-time for over 27 years. He began playing piano at age five and studied with many teachers over many years in classical and jazz theory. His playing and teaching skills encompass many different genres, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced classics; pop piano; anime; video game music; YouTube covers; movie music; country; blues; folk; rock; and jazz theory. He can also equip students with knowledge in keyboard technology, songwriting, music theory, DAW keyboard recording, soft synths, and improvisation. Working as a full-time musician in various bands, wedding bands, jazz combos, and rock bands has given him a wealth of experience in solving musical problems and getting you up to speed quickly. Let’s find new ways to enjoy music together.