Instructor profile

Doug Laughlin



What do you love about music?

I love that it truly is the universal language. I can go anywhere in the world and perform music and be understood and accepted.

Who is your favorite artist?

It's kind of like food, it depends on your mood. That is an almost impossible question to answer in the space allotted. A quick synopsis:
Chicago, Blood Sweat Tears, Yes, Tower of Power, The Who, James Brown, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Gino Vanelli, John Klemmer, Herbie Hancock, Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, Kansas, Andy Narell, Kenny Chesney, Bob Marley, Zac Brown, Poncho Sanchez, any world music.......these are a few of the bands and artists who have affected me over the years. There are about 100 more probably. I truly listen and enjoy almost every genre out there.....almost......

What are your top 5 desert island albums?

I would take 5 Steely Dan albums and then be mad that I didn't have Tower of Power, Diana Crawl, Yes, Fragile, Bob Marley, and many others

Do you play in a band or currently perform?

Yes. I play with Island Vibe and Dumpster Drummers and freelance.


Doug Laughlin has 40+ years of experience teaching experience. He plays any style of music, everything from jazz to polka, hard rock to tropical music. Doug can teach drums, congas, steel drum, hand drums, mallet instruments, and a variety of other percussion instruments. Doug is our Community Drum Circle facilitator and a trained Remo Health Rhythms Facilitator. He is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitator's Guild and leads rhythm based corporate team building all over the country. Doug has played percussion with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and currently plays locally with Island Vibe. He is also a member of Dumpster Drummers, who teach recycling and environmental education in elementary school and libraries using found instruments such as trash cans, traffic cones, barrels, and really anything that can make a sound. You might even him with Dumpster Drummers' Recycling Minute on PBS!