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Brian Biedenbach



What do you love about podcasting?
I love the accessibility of the medium both for those who want to listen and for those who want to create. Though long-term success requires focused and intentional effort, the barrier to entry is very low, giving opportunity to anyone who wants to explore it.

Do you have any podcasts currently running?
Good Podcasting, which launched in July 2022, is my most recent and only current project. However, I always have a few additional projects in the works.


Brian Biedenbach is a podcaster, a video content creator, and the founder of Summit City Studios (offering podcast consulting, editing, and production services) in Fort Wayne. He began podcasting in 2018 and since has created and hosted three podcasts, the first of which had regular listeners in over 30 countries worldwide. His current project, Good Podcasting, is designed to help others create, launch, and grow their podcasts. Brian is excited about the opportunity to combine his passion for teaching with his passion for podcasting here at Sweetwater Academy. When he’s not podcasting, Brian says you will most likely find him with his wife on the sidelines or in the bleachers somewhere in the Midwest at one of their kid’s games. Brian looks forward to helping you take podcasting into new territory!