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Hello. Since you're reading this, your child probably wants to go to Sweetwater Rock Camp. This is their chance to learn a little about what it's like to be a rock 'n' roll star. Don't worry, they won't come home and demand color-sorted M&Ms, or throw the family TV in the pool.

Sweetwater Rock Camp is the real deal. It is a chance for your talented kid to hone their skills, meet other young musicians just like them, and learn how to play in a band. They'll come home with a new appreciation for teamwork, deeper musical knowledge—not to mention a copy of the song they write and record at Sweetwater Studios and a video of their live performance.

We know you probably have a bunch of questions. Hopefully we can answer the major ones here...


  • What is Rock Camp?

    In short, Rock Camp is your child's chance to learn first-hand what it's like to be in a real rock 'n' roll band.

    Held on Sweetwater's campus, Rock Camp is a 5-day, full-day workshop where young musicians hone their skills, meet other young musicians, and learn from professional instructors as they:

    • Form a band with other young musicians
    • Write and arrange an original song
    • Learn cover versions of popular rock 'n' roll songs
    • Record in Sweetwater's professional recording studio
    • Perform in concert at Sweetwater's Performance Theatre

    Sweetwater's Rock Camp is a unique experience, packed with practical instruction, the opportunity for lasting friendships, and the chance to be in a performing band. Many of Northeast Indiana's up-and-coming bands are Rock Camp graduates.

  • What is included in the cost of Rock Camp?

    The camp fee covers 5 days of professional instruction, break-out sessions with subject matter experts, a recording session in Sweetwater Studios, a copy of their professionally mixed song, a video of their live performance, lunch every day, dinner on Friday, a Rock Camp t-shirt, and other cool stuff.

  • Where is Rock Camp held?

    Rock Camp is held at the Sweetwater campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have mid and large-sized practice rooms, as well as a state-of-the-art Performance Theatre and Recording Studio. We also have a diner, a café, free arcade, and a music store.

  • What level of experience is required to attend Rock Camp?

    Much of Rock Camp is focused on band-related activities so it's important that campers are beyond the beginner stage. Below are few skills a camper should possess prior to coming to Rock Camp:

    • Guitar Players – play bar chords, 12 bar blues, and the pentatonic scale in multiple keys.
    • Bass Players – know the note names of each string up and down the fretboard; play in time with the drummer.
    • Drummers – keep a steady beat, play in time, and understand dynamics.
    • Keyboardists – comfortable playing chord progressions.
    • Singers – sing lead and harmony in tune; feel comfortable fronting a band (i.e. being center stage for the live performance).

    If you are still unsure whether Rock Camp is right for your child/student, please call us. We are happy to talk and help you decide what is best for your child/student.

  • Does my child need to read music to attend Rock Camp?

    While it is not required that your child read sheet music, campers should be able to read a chord chart or lead sheet. We work with all levels of musicianship and will be sure to accommodate each camper.

  • What instruments are played at Rock Camp?

    Pretty much anything! We are not limited to guitar, bass, drums, keys, and voice. For example, we have had trombone and saxophone players as well. It's really fun to learn rock music on formally classical instruments. Not sure? Just give us a call.

  • Who makes up the Rock Camp staff?

    Rock Camp is run by the Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology staff and instructors. Our instructors are top-level local musicians and educators, each with many years of experience performing and teaching. Break-out sessions are led by Sweetwater employees or agents who are subject matter experts in their respective areas.

  • What is the daily schedule?

    Rock Camp runs Monday through Friday. Each day begins promptly at 10:00am.
    Monday through Thursday will end at 4:00pm.
    Days are packed with lots of instructor-led rock band practice. A typical Monday through Thursday looks like this:

    • Band rehearsal with instructor
    • Lunch (provided)
    • Break-out session
    • Band rehearsal with instructor

    Fridays include recording studio time, dinner (provided), sound checks, and the live concert. We strongly encourage parents, friends, family, the next door neighbor, and the paper boy to attend the FREE concert. This will be a once in a lifetime chance to see the transformation from Monday to Friday. This will not be a show you want to miss.

  • How do we place campers in bands?

    Rock Camp instructors place musicians in bands based primarily on skill-level, age, and taste in music.

  • Are there other activities or free time?

    We offer a few breaks for the campers to rest their playing hands and voices. During this time, campers are encouraged to take advantage of Sweetwater's fun-filled amenities including a Free arcade, Virtual Sports, and our giant slide.

  • Are there private lessons during Rock Camp?

    We do not schedule individual lessons as a part of Rock Camp. However, our instructors will work with campers individually as needed in order to master the songs they are working on. Our break-out sessions will also focus on helping each camper hone skills specific to their instrument.

  • What should campers bring to Rock Camp?
    • Drummers – Bring your sticks (and extras). We'll provide a drum kit.
    • Keyboard Players – We'll provide a keyboard with pedal.
    • Guitar and Bass Players – Bring your instrument, strap, and guitar tuner.
    • Horns – Bring your instrument and strap
    • Singers – Sweetwater will provide microphones and stands
  • Does my child need to bring lunch?

    No. Lunch is provided by Sweetwater's Downbeat Diner and is included in the camp fee. The Campers are welcome to purchase additional food from the diner and Crescendo Cafe at their own expense.

  • Where do I drop off my child?

    Campers should enter the main Sweetwater entrance (door #1 – by the American flag). On the first day of camp, members of the Rock Camp team will be there to greet campers and guide them to the right place.

  • Do you have before and/or after camp care?

    There is no supervision provided outside the Rock Camp hours.

  • Are parents/guardians allowed to stay and watch Rock Camp?

    While we appreciate supportive parents and friends, we prefer to keep Rock Camp sessions private. This way, each camper can focus on learning new skills and practicing with their bandmates and instructors.
    Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend the Welcome Session on Monday morning from 10-10:30am. We will introduce the instructors and camp staff, as well as answers any questions.

  • Are overnight accommodations available?

    Sweetwater has arranged for special Rock Camps rates at a variety of Fort Wayne hotels.

  • In the event of an emergency, who do we contact?

    Rock Camp Directors can be reached at the local Sweetwater number, which will be provided to parents/guardians and campers.

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