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In order for your child to attend Rock Camp, you must read and agree to the following policies.

Code of Conduct

We want all of our campers to enjoy Rock Camp to the fullest. To provide an enjoyable and safe environment for all of our campers, we ask that you adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Students must check in each morning. An Academy staff member must be notified if you are leaving early, going to be absent, or are being picked up by anyone other than a parent/guardian.
  • No vulgar or obscene language or curse words allowed. No vulgar or obscene words, phrases, or symbols allowed on any article of clothing, or any article that is brought to the Academy.
  • Any of the following behavior may result in dismissal:
    • Any type of verbal abuse, fighting, pushing, stealing, or use of other students' or camp instructors' musical equipment or personal property without prior permission
    • Being disrespectful of adults and/or staff
    • Smoking, use of drugs, or alcohol on campus
          *Dismissal due to a violation of the code of conduct will result in forfeiture of any fees paid.
  • Any damage to the campus property will result in you being responsible for repair, replacement, or cleaning costs.
  • Sweetwater is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen equipment left on the property by the student.
  • All medical expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the camper or camper's family.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations received two weeks prior to camp start date will receive a full refund. Cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the camp start date due to illness or accident will receive a full refund less a $100 cancellation fee. If your child withdraws from the camp because of (1) a refusal to participate in the camp's activities; (2) a lack of interest; (3) a decision not to perform on-stage, then there will be NO REFUND. If the child is asked to leave by a Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology staff member due to violation of the Code of Conduct or because of actions which interfere with the health or welfare of another, then NO REFUND will be issued.

Photo, Video, and Audio Release

By attending Rock Camp, you agree to allow Sweetwater to use any photos, videos, and/or audio recordings of your child made during Rock Camp to be used for marketing or social media purposes. Student names will not be disclosed or published.

By checking the below field, you agree and are bound by our Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology at (260) 407-3833 or