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Josh Helton



What do you love about music?

Music has the ability to be so many things to so many people. It inspires, soothes and grooves. For me music is more of a need in my life than a want.

Who is your favorite artist?

As a DJ it is incredibly tough to have just one. As soon as I try to name a particular artist I think of another one that inspires me to continue to seek more and more music. Nuspirit Helsinki is one that comes to mind.

What are your top 5 desert island albums?

Stronger Than Pride - Sade
Technique - Motorcitysoul
Reggatta de Blanc - The Police
Caught In The Act - Styx
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - Indeep

Do you play in a band or currently perform?

Definitely active as a DJ and producing my own “beats” in my home studio. I play various types of events such as club nights, music festivals, corporate functions, and even the occasional wedding for a friend.


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Joshua’s musical journey started in the church pastored by his Grandfather. He grew up with family members on stage and behind the mixing board. While performing was always of interest to him, it was the technology behind the artists on stage that really intrigued him. DJing provided an avenue for both. Joshua now has over a quarter century of DJing behind him where he has performed along side notable DJs such as Mike Huckaby, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, DJ Three, Chris Fortier, and the list goes on. During that time Joshua promoted and produced many of his own events where gained valuable experience with live sound, lighting, and more. When an opportunity to work in Sales at a local online music retailer came along he could not have imagined what was in store for him. The culture and people at Sweetwater nurtured his passion for music technology and the amount of knowledge he gained from the experience has proven to be priceless. For the past ten years, Joshua has worked as a Product Specialist for Native Instruments where he travels the country to train NI sponsored artists and present at workshops and trade shows. He continues to be active in the DJ community and he is currently producing his own music or as others might say, “makin’ beats”.