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Carly Ingalls



What do you love about music?

I love that music combines creativity, emotion, communication, complex theory, challenging physical technique, and never-ending problem solving into one art. I am constantly humbled by the infinite amount of knowledge and skill surrounding musicality, and at the same time moved by the simplicity of the way that it connects and transforms us.

Who is your favorite artist?

Right now it's a tie between Keith Jarrett and Debussy, but subject to constant change.

What are your top 5 desert island albums?

Radiance - Keith Jarrett
So Long Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance
Good News for People Who Love Bad News - Modest Mouse
Greatest Hits - Steely Dan

Do you play in a band or currently perform?

I currently perform in my Jazz/Jazz fusion/R&B trio. I also occasionally accompany local singers, and do solo piano for parties and restaurants


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Carly grew up in the rural mountains of North Central Pennsylvania. She began taking classical piano lessons at eight years old, and has been intensively studying and exploring music ever since. By 12 years of age she was her church's main pianist, and has spent a great deal of time studying and gaining experience in classical, rock, jazz, and R&B performance. Her true passion lies in discovering how classical technique and experience can mesh with jazz and improvisational music. She likes to take a customized approach with her students by fostering creativity and organic learning, while instilling theory and fundamental technique to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of musical exploration.