Discover Live Sound with Jeff Barnett

Master The Console

with Sweetwater sales engineer and resident live sound expert Jeff Barnett.

Jeff has been running sound for more than 26 years and has worked on hundreds projects ranging from church choirs to rock orchestras. Whether you're new to live sound mixing or an experienced rig runner looking for tips and tricks to improve your game, Jeff can help. His 2-day Discover Live Sound workshop walks you from starter-level basics to the everyday techniques you need to feel at home behind the console.

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October 19–20 | 9AM–5PM
Only $150 (includes lunch both days)
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Running a console might look complicated, but knowing your way around is half the battle. Sweetwater's Discover Live Sound workshop delivers clear, practical instruction straight from the folks who make things sound right for a living. We start at the very beginning, introducing you to the equipment and how to handle it. From there, you get a hands-on tutorial on setup, EQing the speakers (we'll even explain what "EQing" means), running your final soundcheck, and much more.

A sample of what you'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of sound
  • Acoustics
  • The role of the live audio engineer
  • Anatomy of a sound system
  • Microphone basics
  • Understanding wireless systems
  • Common outboard components
  • Amplifiers
  • Active and passive speakers
  • Analog vs. digital mixers
  • Signal processing (with listening examples)
  • How and why to use EQ
  • Microphone technique (live demonstration with a band)
  • Understanding gain structure
  • Troubleshooting
  • Building a mix

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To register, email
or call (260) 407-3833

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Meet Jeff Barnett

Jeff has been running sound for more than 26 years, starting at the ripe old age of 12. Since that time, he has been a staff engineer for Baylor University and the audio director of a Texas theater company, and he's worked for multiple churches.

He's also run sound for more bands and special events than he can count. He is currently running sound for an a cappella group and a rock orchestra. In other words, if it's performed live, Jeff knows how to make it sound its best. Sweetwater's Academy has been lucky enough to have him teaching sound classes for the last six years.