Group Guitar Lessons

Move beyond basic chords, master some new songs, explore
different styles, and more — all in an engaging group setting!

If you're getting tired of trying the same tabs or playing the same simple chords until they get stale, then take your music to the next level in just four weeks with group guitar lessons at Sweetwater! Bring your guitar and some basic knowledge, and you'll be flexing your new guitar chops before you know it.

4-class Session

Saturdays, 11AM–12PM


per person

Meet Your Instructor

picture of Ken Jehle holding a guitar

Ken Jehle

Guitar Instructor

Ken Jehle is a classical guitarist and guitar instructor with a BS in music and over 30 years of teaching experience. He is a lifelong career musician and is the full-time music director for Saint Joseph Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ken specializes in classical guitar and solo guitar and enjoys playing weddings, private events, and public gigs around town. Read more about Ken Jehle online at KenJehle.com.

Space is limited — call the Academy at (260) 407-3833 and sign up today!